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As some visitors complained about being shown above a DEMO on myfxbook we now can show a REAL account too. ICM works with an arrangement where they let copy from a bot running on a DEMO with almost identical results in the end. For this year: TODAY -Real +78.16% and DEMO +75.76 so the real account being even better by 2.4% than the Demo. You would expect to be rather the other way round.

Friends near Stuttgart I know from the beginning of my forex career have been running this outstanding forex system since early 2023. All details you can check in myfxbook.

  • Created with 18 years of experience in Forex and 9 years in trading software development .

  • 100 % AI-controlled and self-acting .

  • Use of custom news tickers to suspend trading if necessary.

  • Complex calculations per trade placed. Thousands of calculations involving multiple indicators .

  • This bot offered has been subjected to several backward tests and is continuously analyzed and optimized.

  • Counting monthly results from August 2023 -omitting previous outlier returns – we see an average monthly  17% gross less 35% perf. fee = around 11% net p.m. Given they can keep this level you could expect to x3-4 your capital within next year. 


Investors from these restricted countries cannot invest with Nebula.

Important is to see that they never keep open trades over night, means            they close all trades daily. That’s why Equity is almost always 100% on myfxbook! Note: You can fund with Visa/Master!

And next you can register with the well-known ICM-Broker, open your account and then connect your account to their trading system!

1-Register-with-Broker-ICTrading-EN  for Europeans only!

Investors from allowed countries outside the EU use the same link but exchange camp=75141 by 64801

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