Managed Forex Accounts for savvy Investors

I have spent many years working with my MIT grad partner, Mark from Denver/CO, who was the technical guy while I was the promotor. He died a few years ago when he was hit by a car while riding his bike.

I’m glad I still own the domain we bought in our early days that I can use again.

Stamp with Beach picture and the Text "Ever Seen Such Profits? Check Them Out Today?"I liked this stamp from 2008, which might illustrate my return to my roots well. Postage was much lower back then. And we could take US clients, while I will now promote mainly in Europe for the start. We worked with US brokers, too, imagine. That’s ages ago.

Investing in managed forex can be lucrative indeed. Back in 2010 it allowed me to finance my son’s summer school in Stanford right after school ( $10k, now over $17k) where I spent a week on campus with him before we went to Hawaii. I remember well visiting beautiful Lahaina on Maui which fully burnt down not so long ago. We took the header photo home from Stanford campus. While in Palo Alto – I still remember the Cheesecakefactory restaurant – we got invited to the Facebook premises which at that time were around the corner. And my son could even talk to Mark Z. for a while. Again, ages ago.

Well, I changed to crypto in early 2020. While my investors and I were very successful till the fall of 2022, we all didn’t want to recognize the very high risk of masternoding, what our crypto deal in Malta was.

You may know the story and also hope for a recovery during this and next year. While starting with a new crypto offer,, which combines holding bitcoin and trading with the best alt-coins, I felt that my contacts built over the years got increasingly reluctant to touch the high-risk crypto space, although the results are excellent. Well, with so many who burnt their fingers with crypto….. On the other hand there should be no either or as diversification is key after all.