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Now possible: around 54% NET per year with Vantage2!

When I first got into contact with Valuell last year via a recommendation, I applied for this offer as it yielded around 10% gross p.m. – but I was told they would discontinue it for a while, labeling it as “Buffolo-Bill”-trading. This showed me that they are conservative to the core, never wanting to allow a negative month. After their first Vantage offer that I show on my homepage now they came back with Vantage2 (VCHP) which yielded 25.65% for the first 4 months x 3 = 76.95% less 30% for their performance fee = 54% net for the whole year given they keep this level.

Got this instruction- video for onboarding now!

Note: You can fund with Visa/Master!

List of restricted countries!